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August musings

Oh what a difference a month can make. I’m quite shocked at how different I feel now. I must have been sicker than I realised for quite a while. I’ve just signed up for an aquatic membership at PARC – the weather is just too unpredictable now to walk every day & I so desperately need to exercise. The girls and I think it must be close to a decade since I went swimming last – unbelievable! Swimming was always my favourite way to exercise. Not that I’m great at it, or fast, but the breathing control is really good for me.

So now that my brain is starting to function again, I’m working harder than ever to get back up to speed. Starting with 2 of my favourite peoples blogs – Patchwork Pumpkin and Perfectly Pieced. I made both of these, but the content is 100% the owners, Therese & Bronwyn. They are so creative & talented. BUT I need to push them to get to blogging! Therese used to have a blog, but hasn’t been active for a while.

The starting point for both is to get them switched over to Gutenberg – which is actually why I’ve been adding to my blog lately, to test out bits and pieces before they have to do it! And, until I’m more comfortable with the ‘staging’ section on my hosting, I decided to do the whole ‘cowboy’ (or, is it cowgirl for me?) thing & do it on my own ‘live’ site. As this is very much a quiet site at the moment, I thought I wouldn’t stress about it being out there – as everything is backed up daily I can show anybody that’s looking that I AM learning.

So, today I’m playing with inserting the Envira Gallery using Gutenberg, as I think Therese in particular will be keen to use it. Not sure if I’ll have time to actually make a screencast of getting it done in time, but will certainly try. I’m seeing her later this week.

Aaand here we have it! My goodness that was easy. These are just a few quick images I uploaded from my computer. Very happy with how the settings pan out, will play around with them a bit more too.

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