Helpful Hints for you

This is just a few items that can help you in your daily grind around the web. I’ll continue to add to the page as time goes on.

Sometimes when you’re logging into a site, a list of passwords comes up and you will get a message saying ‘invalid password’ or something similar. Assuming you’ve been on the site many times, try these two things: 

Firstly, if you press Shift, Ctrl & R, it will reload your screen. Sometimes that’s enough. If that doesn’t work, try following the relevant instructions to clear the cache on this excellent link:

If your device is remembering previous settings, you can do the above – but if you simply want to check if that’s the case, open an incognito window. This is what I do when a page won’t display correctly.

To do that, if you’re using Chrome, click on the 3 vertical dots on the extreme top right hand side & click on the ‘New incognito window’ option. In the same spot, in Firefox, click the 3 vertical lines & click on ‘New private window’.

Did you know you can take a screenshot on your laptop/computer just like on your phone? The button will be above your keypad & typically have ‘PRTSC’ on the button. When you are on the screen you want to screenshot, click that button.

If you haven’t used the Paint app (I’m a Windows gal), now’s the time to start. Type Paint in the toolbar at the bottom & open the app. Click the paste button on the top left when it’s open – voila, your screenshot will appear. You can edit it or save it using the File-Save-as option (top left). If you have time, I suggest you play with this tool as it is very useful.

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